Heartbreak to Breakthrough


Patty Lising is a true representation of the adage, “Train them while they’re young”. Stemming from her childhood experiences in their family enterprise of selling cloth, Patty was able to use her training and lessons learned for her new entrepreneurial ventures.

Although armed with a degree in Child Development Education, her heart and passion for business never waned. She tried her hand at franchising businesses that are now commonly found in malls.

Despite experiencing success in her businesses, Patty found herself married in 2014, got separated, and then fell in and out of love again.

Heartbreaking as it may seem, the advent of the COVID-19 virus had its ways of putting a plot twist in all of our lives, and Patty wasn’t spared. With nothing to do in the US during the pandemic, she thought of putting up her own business, and through her thorough research, she got inspired to carry products that were trending, as well as feature products that weren’t available upstate.

From making her own Aling Patring’s original pastillas de leche and cheese pimiento spread, her various endeavors grew, but she still had to go through some challenges such as supply and demand, time constraints and timezone differences, training methods, fatigue, insomnia, and letting go of the progress she made in the US, and many more.

Fast forward to moving back to the Philippines, Patty had to make some adjustments with the market that she has now, but like she said “sa buhay, kailangan talaga ng sipag, tiyaga, pananalig kay Lord, at diskarte.” She also emphasizes the importance of sharing, making connections, and adjusting with the trends, social media, and technology as essentials of being in the business industry.

And while having to get employees and proteges, she plans to expand towards the catering business.

Her vision, dedication and fulfillment in seeing her entrepreneurial pursuits thrive alongside the desire to give aid to single moms and anyone who really wants to help themselves and their families is truly inspiring, admirable, and worth emulating.

Her optimism, drive, dedication, and business-savvy nature is simply captivating.

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